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Do I lose control of my employees?

Quite the contrary! You will still have full control of who you terminate and hire.  You will continue to direct their activities and set their wages. 

One of the hidden benefits of a PEO is . . .

We take the burden off your hands and become your HR department.  

We handle the non-revenue side of your business so that you can focus on the tasks that make you money.

Are PEO administrative costs higher, and make PEOs non-competitive with traditional carriers?

The PEO administrative costs are typically higher but they are offset by the savings we can offer on the workers comp coverage. This makes the PEO more competitive than the traditional insurance market. View or download our checklist of everything we manage.


What industries do you work with?

If you have employees we can help you! We specialize on getting you the best rates so that you can focus on the growth of your company. As you grow, we re-evaluate your fees to ensure that you are always getting the best rates available. 

Are there any hidden fees? 

No, transparency is our motto. We provide a detailed billing statement  for each pay period per employee so that you know exactly what your costs are. Ask about our custom reports. 

Call Don Now! 

With over 15 years of experience in the industry. Don Sabia is the man you can trust and count on. Don builds long lasting relationships that have earned him the high retention rate with his clients. Call now for a comprehensive cost comparison.

How we support your business 

  • Claims Adjusters are dedicated to managing your worker's compensation claims. 

  • We monitor injured employees to ensure they are receiving proper medical care so they can return to work in a safe and timely manner.

  • Our loss prevention specialists offer an array of services tailored to your business such as work site risk assessments, accident investigation, industry compliance recommendations, and OSHA reporting.

  • We provide you with comprehensive and affordable health benefits through most major carriers.

  • We also provide Unemployment Consultants that manage and assist your Florida unemployment claims and process all employment verifications.

  • Our tax experts file and pay all unemployment related taxes. They create quarterly tax reports as well as file and pay consolidated Federal Tax Reports (940, 941).

Let's Talk Worker's Comp Savings 

Tell us how we can help you 


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